Samyang 10 mm F2.8 – english review

My video review for Samyang 10 mm F2.8 now with an english spoken comment!

+ additional video with new comparisons concerning vignetting and sharpness.


I did prepare an english version of my video review about the Samyang 10 mm F2.8. Furterhmore there is now an additional video of under 4 minutes. You should be able to evaluate by your own. The Samyang 10 mm F2.8 is an ultra wideangle lens, specially for APS-C-cameras. It is a class at it’s own.

The pictures I show, are mostly the same as in the german version of that video. However, you can really find a little bonus of picture and information. So you can learn a little more about this lens or about APS-C-sensors than I offer in the german version.

The Samyang 10 mm F2.8 is a lens only for APS-C-sensored cameras that does not offer common comfort, but extraordinary quality at an ultrawide angle.

See my video on Youtube!

It is really worthwhile to have a look on the Samyang 10 mm F2.8, if you are looking for an ultrawide angle lens for your APS-C-camera. The lens is fully manually – but the only prime lens with such a focal length. So if you are at odds with the zoom lenses you can find servering the ultra wide angle, because of bluring corners, strong distortion or extrem cromatic aberation… Here you are! This might be your next lens!

– My video includes many different pictures to show the abilities of the Samyang 10 mm F2.8, an ultra wide angle lens for APS-C only. –

I myself was uncertain, when I heard of that lens. Some videos and a website helped me… not to trust in the lens, but to dare to buy it. That, however, is the reason, why I want to show different pictures to make the ability visible for everyone who is interested in buying an ultra wide angle lens for his APS-C-camera – and everyone who is in doubt with the Samyang 10 mm F2.8: You don’t need to hear or to read hymns of praise! You need to see different results to weigh up by yourself, if this lens might be the right lens for you.

While I’m not able to embed pictures of adequate size into this template, I think it is the most easy way to present you a video review and a short additional video via Youtube to show you the ability of this unusual lens. The pictures included, are set on 1.920 x 1.080 pixel – you need to know for many 100-%-cutouts, I present.

For detailed technical information, specially about this lens and with a clear chart, go to the web site of Samyang.

I hope you enjoy 🙂